FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much are the Tours?
The Tours start from £55 per Cab, but you can find our full list of Tours/ Prices & Itinerary here.


2. How long are the Tours?
The Tours start at 2 hours, but you can find our full list of Tours/ Prices & Itinerary here.


3. Can I Share a Tour?
We can't arrange this, we offer a personal tour for the individual Beatles Fan.


4. Pick up/Drop off Points?
Usually any where within Liverpool City Centre, the name of a Hotel, Landmark or Train Station can be entered on our online booking form.

Pick ups outside the City Centre can be arranged for an additional fare.


5. What is the difference between the Tours and what is "& lots more"? 

Our prices start from £55 for a 2 hour tour, as the price increases, so does the time of the tour, with more stops and locations visited.

Each tour is unique as each driver adds their personal touch to the basic tour; & lots more is different with each tour guide. Details are available on our full list of Tours/ Prices & Itinerary here.


6. How do I book a tour?

The best way is via our online booking form found here.


7. What time can I book a tour? 

We prefer tours to start at around 9am 12:30 or 4pm, but we are totally flexible, if you want to start your tour at a different time you can select the "Other" option on our online booking form found here. but don't forget to tell us in the box below this option your preferred time. finally don't forget to factor in the length of your tour and add on 1 and a half hours if including the Casbah.

During the Winter months (Nov to Jan) the last tour of the day is an Express Tour at 4pm this is due to the dark nights, and all tours that include a trip to the Casbah must start before 12:30.


8. Can I pay in advance or pay online?

The best way is to purchase a voucher for your tour via the Vouchers Page.